DeepRT: A Soft Real Time Scheduler for Computer Vision Applications on the Edge


The ubiquity of smartphone cameras and IoT cameras, together with the recent boom of deep learning and deep neural networks, proliferate various computer vision driven mobile and IoT applications deployed on the edge. This paper focuses on applications which make soft real time requests to perform inference on their data – they desire prompt responses within designated deadlines, but occasional deadline misses are acceptable. Supporting soft real time applications on a multi-tenant edge server is not easy, since the requests sharing the limited GPU computing resources of an edge server interfere with each other. In order to tackle this problem, we comprehensively evaluate how latency and throughput respond to different GPU execution plans. Based on this analysis, we propose a GPU scheduler, DeepRT, which provides latency guarantee to the requests while maintaining high overall system throughput. The key component of DeepRT, DisBatcher, batches data from different requests as much as possible while it is proven to provide latency guarantee for requests admitted by an Admission Control Module. DeepRT also includes an Adaptation Module which tackles overruns. Our evaluation results show that DeepRT outperforms state-of-the-art works in terms of the number of deadline misses and throughput.

In Proceedings of ACM/IEEE 6th Symposium on Edge Computing
Hongpeng Guo
Hongpeng Guo
Ph.D. Candidate in Computer Science